How To Make The Most Of Your Kearns UT Storage Units

Posted on: 19 December 2013

At first glance, Kearns UT storage units may appear pretty self-explanatory, but there is a key to maximizing the space. In fact, simply being organized can can be extremely helpful to making the most of the unit. 1. The first step to organizing your self storage in West Valley Utah starts before you even arrive. Purge your belongings. Most of us think that we should just pack everything and sort through it at a later date. If you haven't used the item in the last year or two, why pack it? Unless it is a family heirloom, you need to sell it, give it away, or throw it out. Internet sites can all help you with this process. You can even leave it on your front porch and call a charitable organization to pick it up. 2. When packing, try to group like items together. Nothing is as frustrating as finding one half of an item, only to discover, perhaps years later, that the other half as in a different box. Taking the time to get organized now will help you immensely in the future. 3 Keep a running list of what is in each box and print out a detailed label. Quickly scribbling that a box contains 'kitchen' items is not helpful when thirty other boxes are labeled exactly the same way. Am itemized list saves time and energy later yet takes just minutes to create now. Put the label in the side of the box because you will not see it once you stack the boxes. 4. Speaking of boxes, do not use them. If you can, invest in the more durable plastic tubs. Not only do they protect your items from being squished better, but they are fairly water proof as well. Kearns UT storage units are fairly dry places, but even moisture in the air can wreck havoc on simple cardboard boxes over time. They are simply not meant for long-term storage solutions. 5. When you finally arrive at your Kearns UT storage units, do not just throw everything in as quickly and haphazardly as possible. Take your time and create aisles. Not only is it neater, but it is vastly easier to find things at a later date if you have net and organized aisles of stackable, plastic tubs that are all labeled nicely. 6. If you have a table to store, use it to hold smaller items and breakable items, like a lamp. You can also save some space on top for unpacking boxes as later as you need to retrieve items from your Kearns UT storage units. 7. As silly as it sounds, number each box and create a diagram. It does you no good to pack everything so nicely only to not know where it all is within the unit itself. 8. Once you are unloaded, you are not yet done. Create folder with all copies of each box's list, the diagram of the unit, your rental contract, and any insurance paperwork. If you have receipts or photos of the items, include that in the folder as well. Keeping all these items in one place is an easy way to be organized and can help in case of an insurance claim. 9. Speaking of insurance, get it. Read more because depending on your rental contract, it may or may not be the rental company's responsibility to protect your items in the case of a fire, flood, or natural disaster. You packed everything carefully to protect it and organized it within your unit. Now, take that one step further and get it insured. Share