Why Cleaning before Moving Is Crucial

Posted on: 23 August 2022

Moving is a tedious and time-consuming activity and is only done when necessary. Cleaning is something that many people don't account for when moving, but it takes a surprising amount of time and effort and could be frustrating if you don't plan for it. This article explains why cleaning before moving is crucial. 

Remove Junk

Junk makes up most of the things we don't need or use when moving. Cleaning before moving helps you eliminate excess baggage that you don't need, or that might take up too much space on the moving vehicle. Additionally, it ensures you leave the property clean for another tenant to occupy. Proper cleaning before moving in is required to remove allergens that might pose health risks to you. Some tenants have a habit of leaving things behind when moving, which might hinder the moving process. Make sure you visit the apartment or home before moving to assess the amount of cleaning the cleaning service provider has to do. 

Reduce Health Risks

People react differently to different environments; some suffer from allergies and other health conditions. By contacting cleaning services to tidy up the premises before moving in, you'll manage to get rid of contaminants that might be detrimental to your health. Crawl spaces and fireplaces are common areas where bacteria, allergens, and other harmful microorganisms tend to hide and thrive. Cleaning the basement also ensures you get rid of mold, insects, rodents, and other pests that might cause a long-term health risk. Fumigation is the best cleaning option as it kills anything harmful thriving within the property. 

Assess the Damage

A tenant's contract covers damage handling, which is why a deposit is required, as it serves as security. Alternatively, a tenant is given an option of repairing the damage and covering the costs out of their pockets. By using cleaning services to clear the dirt from the apartment or home, you'll manage to assess the extent of damage and estimate the cost of repairing. It also helps expose any damage you might not be aware of, preventing the landlord from deducting your deposit. Cleaning an apartment before moving in also help you determine if the house is in prime condition and allows time to raise concerns in case there are hidden damages that a house inspector might have missed. Faulty wiring, leaking sinks, or damaged plumbing is among the minor damages that new tenants face immediately after moving in. 


Cleaning before moving helps eliminate unwanted junk, reduce health risks by eliminating allergens, and assess property damage. Cleaning also ensures you move into a cleaner apartment with fewer problems. Contact a cleaning expert if you need help with cleaning services before moving in and learn how you can get professional help.