Moving Tips For Transitioning Your Loved One To Assisted Living

Posted on: 7 June 2017

Making the decision to transition to assisted living isn't always easy, and your loved one may have a hard time with the idea of moving to a new place. He or she may also be concerned with what happens to a lifetime's worth of personal possessions. If you are helping your parent or other relative move to assisted living, here are a few things you can do to prepare for moving day and give him or her added peace of mind that his or her precious possessions will be safe.

Hire An Experienced Residential Moving Company

As you interview moving companies, look for one with experience helping seniors citizens move into assisted living or nursing home facilities. They will be better in tune with certain needs, such as arranging furniture to accommodate for walkers and wheelchairs, and they will understand just how difficult the moving process can be. Companies like Checkmate Moving & Storage can help.

Rent A Storage Unit

It's not always easy to make room for your loved one's possessions in your home, but you can make room for them by renting a self-storage unit. As you begin packing up the home before the transition to assisted living, create a color-coding system so the movers know which items go to the storage facility, which ones go to assisted living, and which ones go to your home.

Take Extra Care With Heirlooms And Photos

If there are family heirlooms to be moved, be sure to discuss these items with your moving company. The movers can take extra precautions to ensure the safety of potentially fragile items. For collections of photographs, take some time to put them into albums, and write the name of each person in the photos on a card, which can be placed below each image in the album. This provides a space-saving way to keep treasured family photos together, and the name cards can help your relative connect names and faces if he or she develops dementia over time.

Make Moving Day Special

While the movers are busy loading the moving truck and transporting items, consider spending the day with your relative. Have lunch together in the cafeteria at the assisted living facility, or go out to eat for a special treat. Once everything has been moved into your loved one's new home, help him or her unpack. You can then make a list of any items that might be needed from the grocery store or local department store, and you can both go shopping together.

It's important to discuss your plans with your loved one in advance so he or she knows what to expect on moving day. Be respectful of your relative's belongings and be sensitive to his or her feelings during this emotional time.