Check With Local Movers For Services Other Than Home-To-Home Moves

Posted on: 19 January 2018

You're no doubt familiar with using a local moving service; they charge you a set amount of money for a set number of hours, and they move stuff from your old home or office to your new home or office. But these moving services can help with more than just those basic moves.

To a Storage Unit and Back

Just as movers will help bring items to your new home, some also help bring items to a storage unit or empty out a storage unit. Storage facilities are often configured oddly, but local moving services will be familiar with most of the facilities in the city. If not, the movers will be able to tell you what space they'll need for the truck, and you can coordinate something between the movers and the storage facility management. For example, you may have to have the management open the entry gate so the movers can back out of the facility, rather than having them drive around to the exit gate.

Freight Terminal Loading and Unloading

A popular way to move belongings long distance is the freight or pod option. You load your belongings into a storage cube, and that cube is picked up by a freight service and delivered to your home in your new location, where you unload the cube. However, if you live in an area where placing the cube would be difficult, such as an HOA-controlled development or a steeply inclined street with an equally inclined driveway, you may need to bring your belongings to the freight terminal and load the cube there (or unload it at the freight terminal in the new city). Local movers can help you bring those items to and from the terminals, too.

Small Moves for Small Loads

Sometimes you need to move only one item, like a couch that you bought from someone, or you have to bring a bunch of stuff that won't fit in your car to a charity that doesn't do pickups. If you don't have anyone to help you, you've got to hire people to transport the items, and small-move services are perfect for this. You can find moving companies that do only small moves; these companies usually have a cargo van and can take about a room's worth of furniture and belongings. They tend to charge less than "large-move" movers. You can also call your favorite regular movers and ask if they have a discounted rate for smaller moves.

Many local movers are very flexible and know that sometimes moving heavy items has to be done even if it isn't part of a traditional home-to-home or office-to-office move. Contact a company like Cusick Moving & Storage to see what situations they can help you in.