When Should You Hire A Packing Service?

Posted on: 4 December 2019

Moving can be a stressful and often expensive process. The costs associated with transporting yourself and all of your belongings across a town, state, or country can be excessive, so many people are tempted to save cash wherever they can. While most people with more than a few possessions choose to hire professional movers, the decision to spend extra money on packing and unpacking services is sometimes trickier. If you are about to begin a move, then keep these tips and considerations in mind before you decide on which services are right for you.

Consider Your Overall Packing Needs

There are two primary factors to consider when determining your overall packing needs: the size of your space and the number of people occupying it. A family of five living in a large home will have a much more difficult time packing then a single person living in a studio apartment. Although this may seem evident at first glance, many people drastically underestimate the time and energy required to pack all of the goods in a large home. Additionally, packing more items means that there is a higher chance of mislabeling or placing things in the wrong box. Both of these situations can make unpacking significantly more difficult.

Look for Unique Challenges

Packing clothes is easy, but most people have at least a few items that will be uniquely challenging to pack and move. These items may be oddly shaped decorations or especially fragile decorations. Before hiring movers (and long before the date of your move), walk through your home and consider how you will pack most of your possessions. If you find that you are having difficulty planning for how to pack several of your belongings, then it worth hiring a professional packing service to deal with these unique pieces. A few extra dollars spent early in the process can save you from the heartbreak of dealing with a broken item later.

Evaluate Your Electronics

Although often overlooked, electronics can be difficult to pack successfully. You move your phone from place to place every day, but transporting a big screen flat panel television is significantly more challenging. Not only are these items tricky to pack in a way that will prevent damage, but they can be hard to handle and load into boxes in the first place. Professional packers will have a variety of appropriately sized boxes and packing materials to ensure that your expensive items make it to your new home unscathed. While this extra effort may not be worth it if you only have a single TV, you will save yourself significant time, frustration, and worry if you are packing many large electronics.

For more information, contact a packing service in your area.