Preparing Your Candles For A Move

Posted on: 14 May 2020

Candles add to the ambiance of a room, freshen its smell, and can even help you calm your nerves during a stressful time. So, with all the benefits they offer, when you move, you want to make sure that your candles make it to your new home, intact. To accomplish this goal, there is a bit of preparation and care that must be followed. Here are just some of the tips you should keep in mind as you prepare for your move. 

Properly Prep 

Protecting your candle and your belongings begins with proper prep. Always give your candles adequate time to cool. If the candle wax is even slightly warm, it can roll and spill out of the container. It's a good practice to avoid lighting any of the candles in the days leading up to the move to ensure they have adequate time to cool.

Wrap with Care

It's essential that all candles be wrapped with care, especially those that are contained in glass, such as votive candles. If the candles are not packed correctly, they could move around the box during the transport and sustain permanent damage. To avoid this sort of mishap, each candle should be wrapped individually to protect the glass. 

Be Mindful of the Season

If the move to your new home is planned for a summer month, it's typically best practice not to pack the candles. Instead, you should transport them in your vehicle. The inside of a moving truck is normally warm, but during the summer, it becomes quite hot; hot enough to melt your candles. Additionally, moving companies will generally not move candles during this season. 

Pack with Care

In terms of packing candles, it's best to only pack candles with other candles. You should not pack candles with other items. Again, when candle wax heats up, it rolls. In the event the candle becomes too warm, the wax will roll onto any other items inside the box with it. Professional movers always pack items with the risk of damage in mind. 

Get Professional Help

You can minimize the threat of damage to your candles, as well as the threat of damage caused by the candles by getting professional help. From properly packing household items like candles to transporting them, a professional residential moving company will work closely to protect your belongings from start to finish. 

To avoid problems as you move with your candles, it's always best to partner with a trained residential moving company. Whether you need residential or warehouse moving services, always do your research.