Be Realistic With Your Belongings When Planning A Move To Hawaii

Posted on: 28 September 2021

The goal of moving soon can come with some challenges when you're moving from the mainland to Hawaii. While it's best not to bring anything due to the logistical challenges of moving overseas, there could be some items you want to hold onto. 

If you have sentimental belongings you're moving with or don't want to rebuy all your furniture once you've settled into the new house, consider these tips for working with movers. 

Consider Leaving Fragile Items

Fragile items can be dangerous to move with due to issues where they're broken by the amount of shaking during the move. Even with careful packing, your belongings being moved by plane or boat can lead to items being broken. 

Instead of worrying that your belongings will break before arrival, consider what you should leave behind. Checking how fragile an item is and whether you're comfortable with the risk of it breaking can allow you to discard, sell, or place items in storage before the move. This list includes picture frames, electronics, statues, and mirrors. 

Ask About Included Insurance

As you prepare to find movers to work with, you need to see whether they include insurance for their clients. Since you're planning such an extensive move over a long distance, moving insurance can help ease your mind over any issues that could arise.

These issues could include everything from broken items to your belongings going missing during the move. 

Asking whether insurance is included in the cost of the move and what the coverage is like can ensure that you feel a lot more in control of how your belongings are cared for. 

Choose an Experienced Mover

Before you work with any moving company, you need to consider whether they primarily work with moves to Hawaii. These movers can have the know-how to get all your belongings safely moved to Hawaii and understand the logistics it can come with. This includes careful packing and transporting items by plane or boat to arrive in a reasonable timeframe. 

Before you commit to any moving company, you need to prioritize movers who understand the challenges involved with moving to Hawaii. Since it can be more expensive to move to Hawaii than staying in the continental US, you need to prepare to find movers that you're comfortable working with.

The above tips will ensure that you're matched with movers that understand the challenges and can help you feel secure in the move.   

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